Arali Hair Oil

...A  100 % natural & non- sticky solution for Hair Fall

Details : Hair fall being the major problem in the city life in every part of world, ARALI Hair Oil is being appreciated for its effectiveness in reducing hair fall, nourishing and maintaining a healthy scalp, improving the hair texture over continuous usage.

Ingredients : Naarikela taila, Raajika taila, Bhringaraja, Neem, jaapa.

India's First Hair Oil in Amazon Launchpad.

Distinctive  way of preparation

  • Constant cooling and heating of the oil in multiple stages with the herb input at the required temperature aids to extract the maximum benefit of out each ingredient.

No preservative and no artificial fragrance

  • Our hair oil is 100% free of preservatives and artificial fragrance.
  • The natural blend is what the product aroma is all about.

Most Non Sticky formulation

  • A unique manufacturing process gives the oil that special non sticky texture making it extremely easy to apply and does not give a heavy feel post application.

Hair fall solution

  • Hair Fall is a condition which makes everyone bite their nails irrespective of the age group.
  • ARALI Hair Oil is one such product to address the issue.

Soothing, Conditioning and Nourishment

  • Yes, you can experience all this by using ARALI Hair Oil and have a healthy scalp and nourished hair.
  • Heat the oil until luke warm.
  • Apply sufficient quantity of oil over scalp and hair, followed with a gentle massage.
  • Overnight application is advised for best results.
  • Before you step out the door, don’t forget to wash your hair.

Qty : 100ml