Our Story

The story dates back to 20 years, there was a time when our grandma used to prepare her own personal care products. All the products were Extremely nourishing and soothing, time passed and everyone became busy with life and formulations just limited to her thoughts. But once I started implementing the formulations the results and feedback for those products were mind blowing and more and more queries for sale stock popped from so many people who used the samples. To reach more people, we got the product licensed and got featured Launchpad to get in touch with you beautiful people and help you keep your beauty enriched and make you feel the bliss of nature through our small but effective and ecological range of products.

About Brand

Arali Mara means Bodhi tree/ Ashwath vriksha in kannada, a south Indian language. This can be traced back to the times of Indus valley civilization. Arali also means to bloom in Kannada with the long sustaining prosperity. The brand stands to bloom from the history of goodness with the blend of ayurveda.